About P2 Portal

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Limited healthcare budget in spite of rapidly growing medical technologies and aging population which leads to a rise in the demand of advanced healthcare, are the most challenging issues in the healthcare systems globally.
P2 Portal is an innovative and easy to use platform which introduces a much more integrated and practical care approach compared to the pure technical educational methods , we propose a patient-centric model with multidimensional perspectives that consist of four different pathways: 1)diseases, 2) procedures, 3) departments 4) medical devices. The user can be guided in recognizing their patient conditions and needs in each of these areas from both clinical and technical aspects. This way, the healthcare facilities can have a better strategy to provide the best healthcare at the least cost.
Overall, the goal of this idea is to improve the outcome of patients and to build a better structure for training healthcare professionals and providing a more efficient form of patient care that does not require additional significant expenditures.

P2 Portal aims to be your trusted partner with Training Centers, Universities, MedTech Companies and Hospitals by offering tailored solutions including:
Education & Training for Students & Trainees to accelerate knowledge transfer
Organizing Workshops to improve Sales Staff Confidence for Clinical Selling to attract new customers
Partnering With Hospitals & clinicians to increase patient awareness and help them to be among the leaders in offering advanced treatment options

The current version is focused on cardiovascular diseasea and procedures as the pilot and the other areas of care will be available soon!

Our international and interdisciplinary team is a group of the best talents with an extraordinary high dedication to delivering world class solutions to improve the medical outcome and quality of procedures.
The combined knowledge and experience in medicine, biomedical engineering, IT, marketing, business and management makes a very unique combination realizing novel and cutting edge projects to be introduced in the clinical routine.

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